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Gas springs are used in furniture for smooth and controlled movement, such as in recliners, office chairs, adjustable desks, and cabinet doors.
Zhejiang Oulida Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and specializes in the development and production of gas springs. Furniture Gas Springs Manufacturers and Factory. Currently, our gas springs are widely used in engine hoods, doors, and other support systems in various applications, including automotive, construction machinery, Custom Office Chair Gas Springs, Custom Cabinet Door Gas Spring, Gas Springs for office recliners chairs, both domestically and internationally. In 2017, we established a cooperative management system called DMC (Design-Manufacture-Cooperate) in collaboration with DEFTA from France and MICHANG from South Korea.
Oulida boasts a team of skilled and experienced designers who are adept at creating innovative and functional designs for gas springs. We stay at the forefront of industry trends and continuously strive to develop solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.
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Zhejiang Oulida Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Oulida is committed to delivering top-notch quality for every gas spring we produce. We have implemented rigorous quality control measures at every stage, from raw material sourcing to final inspection. Our skilled technicians perform meticulous testing and inspection to ensure that each gas spring meets the higher industry standards. Custom Gas Springs for office recliners chairs. Oulida's manufacturing capabilities are designed to meet diverse customer demands. Our production capacity, combined with our flexibility and scalability, allows us to handle both small and large-scale orders efficiently. We are well-equipped to support the evolving needs of our customers as their businesses grow.

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Industry Knowledge
How should gas leaks from furniture gas spring seals or valves be dealt with?
If you encounter gas leaks from furniture gas spring seals or valves, it's important to address the issue promptly to prevent further deterioration of the gas spring and ensure the continued functionality of the furniture. Here's how to deal with gas leaks from furniture gas spring seals or valves:
Carefully inspect the cabinet door gas spring assembly to identify the location of the leak. Check for any visible signs of damage, such as cracks, tears, or deformation, in the seals, valves, or tubing of the gas spring.
If possible, isolate the affected gas spring from the rest of the furniture to prevent any potential safety hazards or further damage. Secure the furniture in a stable position to avoid accidental movement or collapse.
If the gas spring is under pressure, release the pressure in a controlled manner to minimize the risk of injury or damage. Follow the manufacturer's instructions or use appropriate tools to depressurize the gas spring safely.
Determine the extent of damage to the seals or valves of the gas spring. If the damage is minor and limited to the seals or valves, it may be possible to repair or replace the affected components without replacing the entire gas spring assembly.
Depending on the cabinet door gas spring severity of the leak and the condition of the seals or valves, you may need to repair or replace the damaged components. Consult the manufacturer's guidelines or seek assistance from a qualified technician to perform the necessary repairs or replacements.
When repairing or replacing seals and valves, use appropriate tools and materials recommended by the manufacturer. Ensure that the replacement components are compatible with the specific model and specifications of the gas spring assembly.
After repairing or replacing the seals and valves, test the gas spring assembly to ensure proper functionality and airtightness. Verify that the gas spring can support the intended load and operate smoothly without any signs of leakage or malfunction.
Periodically monitor the repaired gas spring assembly for any signs of recurrence of the gas leak or other issues. Address any new leaks or problems promptly to prevent further damage to the furniture and ensure the safety of users.
If you're uncertain about how to address the gas leak or lack the necessary expertise or tools, consider seeking assistance from a qualified technician or contacting the manufacturer for guidance and support. It's essential to address gas leaks from furniture gas springs promptly to maintain the functionality, safety, and longevity of the furniture components.

What kind of convenience can gas springs bring to office recliners chairs?

Gas springs for office recliners chairs enable easy height adjustment in chairs, allowing users to find the most comfortable seating position. This feature is particularly useful in office chairs or adjustable stools where users may need to customize the height based on their desk or work surface.
Chairs equipped with gas springs often have reclining capabilities that offer smooth and controlled movement. Users can easily lean back and adjust the recline angle to their preference, enhancing comfort during long periods of sitting.
The controlled compression and expansion of the gas within the spring help distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure points, promoting better posture and reducing fatigue.
Gas springs operate quietly, without the squeaks or creaks often associated with traditional mechanical springs or levers. This ensures a quieter working environment and enhances the overall user experience.
Gas springs for office recliners chairs are designed to withstand frequent use and maintain their functionality over time. They are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use in various environments, providing consistent performance and reliability.
Gas springs enhance the functionality and comfort of chairs by enabling height adjustment, smooth recline, reliable support, quiet operation, and long-lasting durability. These features contribute to a better seating experience for users in various settings, including offices, homes, and public spaces.