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  • Gas Springs for Medical


    Gas springs are utilized in medical equipment like hospital beds, examination tables, dental chairs, and rehabilitation devices to provide adjustable and ergonomic positioning.
  • Gas Springs for Automobiles


    Gas springs are crucial components in automotive applications, including hoods, trunks, tailgates, and bonnets, providing support and facilitating easy opening and closing.
  • Gas Springs for Furniture


    Gas springs are used in furniture for smooth and controlled movement, such as in recliners, office chairs, adjustable desks, and cabinet doors.
  • Gas Springs for Household Appliances

    Household Appliances

    Gas springs are employed in household appliances like washing machines, kitchen cabinets, oven doors, and lifting mechanisms for efficient and user-friendly operation.
  • Gas Springs for Engineering Machinery

    Engineering Machinery

    Gas springs are used in engineering machinery, such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and forklifts, to assist in lifting heavy parts, adjusting angles, and providing damping.
  • Gas Springs for Textile Industry

    Textile Industry

    Gas springs are utilized in textile machinery for various purposes, including guiding and supporting textile rolls, adjusting tension, and facilitating smooth movement of machine components.
  • Gas Springs for Hatches


    Gas springs are commonly used in hatches and access panels, such as in boats, RVs, and industrial equipment, to hold them in open or closed positions securely.
  • Gas Springs for Other Support Systems

    Other Support Systems

    Gas springs are versatile and can be found in a wide range of support systems, including display stands, overhead storage compartments, hospital trolleys, industrial cabinets, and more.