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QC16B 8mm Piston Rod With Safety Gas Spring

QC16B 8mm Piston Rod With Safety Gas Spring

Piston rod φ8mm / steel pipe φ18mm
Stroke 50mm-300mm
The installation center distance is 230mm-730mm
Lifting force value 50N-800N
It is suitable for support systems such as construction machinery hoods and cab seats.
The safety mechanism with a safety gas spring can be a locking device, usually a button, handle, or other operating device for manual or automatic locking of the gas spring. This avoids the sudden release or extension of the gas spring under certain conditions. Since gas springs with safety have a locking mechanism, they are usually stable in a fixed position and are not susceptible to external factors. This is useful for applications that require stable support and control.
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Zhejiang Oulida Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Oulida Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Fuyang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The company was established in 1993 and specializes in the development and production of gas springs. QC16B 8mm Piston Rod With Safety Gas Spring Suppliers and Factory. In 2012, we invested 72 million yuan to build a new forest chemical factory covering an area of 25,000 square meters. We have introduced advanced automated production lines, with a single-shift capacity of 20,000 units and an annual capacity of up to 6 million units, making us one of the largest factories in the industry domestically and internationally.
Currently, our gas springs are widely used in engine hoods, doors, and other support systems in various applications, including automotive, construction machinery, and textile industries, both domestically and internationally. Wholesale QC16B 8mm Piston Rod With Safety Gas Spring. In 2017, we established a cooperative management system called DMC (Design-Manufacture-Cooperate) in collaboration with DEFTA from France and MICHANG from South Korea. This collaboration focuses on design, development, and production, leveraging the expertise and management technology of DEFTA and MICHANG in supporting European, Japanese, and American systems, enhancing Oulida's capabilities in various aspects.
In July 2021, our company drafted and officially released the industry standard QC/T 207 "General Gas Springs for Automobiles."
Product Knowledge
8mm Piston Rod With Safety Gas Spring is suitable for some applications with limited space, especially where smaller installation space is required. The diameter of the steel tube is 18mm, which provides a larger volume, allowing the gas spring to store more gas, thereby obtaining greater lifting or supporting force.
The design of a safety gas spring usually means that it has explosion-proof characteristics, that is, in extreme situations, such as when the gas pressure exceeds a safe range, the safety gas spring will release gas, thereby reducing the occurrence of accidents. Due to its smaller piston rod diameter and larger steel tube diameter, this gas spring can be used in many different applications, such as industrial machinery, automotive industry, furniture, door control systems, etc.
  Although the piston rod diameter is smaller, this gas spring may have relatively high load-bearing capacity and stability due to the larger diameter of the steel tube. Safety gas springs are typically designed to be durable and reliable devices that can withstand long periods of use and high frequency of operation, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. 8mm piston rod with safety gas spring piston rod φ8mm/steel pipe φ18mm has the characteristics of flexible application, high safety, good stability, strong load-bearing capacity and good durability. It is suitable for various applications that require support or lifting. And it can provide additional safety guarantee under the safety gas spring design.
The key feature of safety gas spring design is safety. When the air pressure exceeds the safe range, the safety gas spring releases gas to prevent accidental explosion or damage. This makes this type of gas spring particularly suitable for use in environments with high safety requirements, such as industrial equipment or automotive systems.
  This type of gas spring is suitable for many different applications including industrial machinery, automotive industry, furniture, door control systems, etc. Its safety and stability allow it to work reliably in a variety of environments. Safety gas springs generally have a high degree of reliability and durability. They are designed to withstand harsh working conditions and frequent use without failure or damage, which helps reduce maintenance costs and downtime.
  The release mechanism of the safety gas spring provides additional safety to the equipment, especially under high pressure or abnormal conditions. This design helps reduce the risk of accidents and protects operators and equipment.