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Electric Tailgate Balance Bar Anti-falling Gas Spring

Electric Tailgate Balance Bar Anti-falling Gas Spring

The double airflow valve design inside the gas spring allows the tailgate to fall slowly when the electric strut loses thrust, reducing the risk of the strut falling off the ball pin and causing a person to hit.
Piston rod φ8mm / steel pipe φ18mm
The slow-down speed is ≥ 5 seconds, which can be customized according to customers.
The power tailgate balance bar anti-drop gas spring is a safety device used in automotive power tailgate systems. This device is designed to prevent the tailgate from falling due to unexpected reasons when closed, thus increasing the safety of passengers and users. Power tailgate balance bar drop protection gas springs are designed to have specific drop protection features. When the tailgate begins to close, the gas spring automatically increases the support force, preventing the tailgate from suddenly dropping due to gravity or other reasons during closing. This prevents the tailgate from pinching the body, damaging valuables, or causing accidental injury.
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Zhejiang Oulida Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Fuyang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The company was established in 1993 and specializes in the development and production of gas springs. Electric Tailgate Balance Bar Anti-falling Gas Spring Suppliers and Factory. In 2012, we invested 72 million yuan to build a new forest chemical factory covering an area of 25,000 square meters. We have introduced advanced automated production lines, with a single-shift capacity of 20,000 units and an annual capacity of up to 6 million units, making us one of the largest factories in the industry domestically and internationally.
Currently, our gas springs are widely used in engine hoods, doors, and other support systems in various applications, including automotive, construction machinery, and textile industries, both domestically and internationally. Wholesale Electric Tailgate Balance Bar Anti-falling Gas Spring. In 2017, we established a cooperative management system called DMC (Design-Manufacture-Cooperate) in collaboration with DEFTA from France and MICHANG from South Korea. This collaboration focuses on design, development, and production, leveraging the expertise and management technology of DEFTA and MICHANG in supporting European, Japanese, and American systems, enhancing Oulida's capabilities in various aspects.
In July 2021, our company drafted and officially released the industry standard QC/T 207 "General Gas Springs for Automobiles."
Product Knowledge
Electric tailgate balance bar anti-fall gas spring is a device designed for automobile tailgate systems. During the closing process of the tailgate, if there is no proper control, it may close suddenly due to gravity or other factors, causing damage to items. Or even cause harm to those around you. The anti-fall gas spring can provide appropriate damping and control, allowing the tailgate to move slowly and smoothly when closing, effectively preventing accidental falls.
By controlling the closing speed and force of the tailgate, the anti-fall gas spring can improve the safety of tailgate operation. Especially for vehicles used by children or the elderly, this device can reduce the risk of accidental injuries and provide a safer usage environment.
The anti-fall gas spring can reduce the impact and vibration experienced by the tailgate when it is closed, thereby reducing wear and damage to the tailgate and related parts, extending their service life, and reducing the cost of repair and replacement.
Although the primary function of an anti-fall gas spring is to provide safety control, it can also improve the convenience of tailgate operation. Users do not need to use excessive force to control the tailgate, but can easily close the tailgate to the desired position. The electric tailgate balance bar anti-fall gas spring plays an important role in the automobile tailgate system. It not only provides safety control, but also extends the life of the tailgate and its related components, improving the user experience and convenience.
The dual airflow valve design is a key feature of this gas spring. When the electric strut loses thrust, the dual airflow valves inside the gas spring will gradually release gas, thereby slowing down the closing speed of the tailgate, causing the tailgate to close on its own at a slow speed. This design reduces the risk of the pole detaching from the ball pin and causing a collision, and increases safety.
The diameter of the piston rod is 8mm and the diameter of the steel pipe is 18mm. These dimensional parameters are crucial to the performance and structural design of the gas spring, and they affect the load-bearing capacity and stability of the gas spring. The deceleration speed of this gas spring can reach more than 5 seconds, and can be customized according to customer needs. This flexibility allows the gas spring to be adjusted to different tailgate weights and usage scenarios to meet the specific needs of customers.