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QC13 6mm Diameter Piston Rod Ordinary Gas Spring

QC13 6mm Diameter Piston Rod Ordinary Gas Spring

Piston rod φ6mm / steel pipe φ15mm
Stroke 40mm-200mm
The installation center distance is 160mm-480mm
Lifting force value 50N-300N
It is suitable for support systems such as heavy truck sunroofs, furniture doors, and automobile hair covers.
The piston rod is an integral part of a gas spring that connects the gas spring and the support object. The piston rod diameter of this product gas spring is 6 mm. The gas spring has a travel range of 40 mm to 200 mm. For the automotive industry: In automobiles, gas springs are often used to support the smooth lifting movement of power tailgates, hoods, cabins, and other components.
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Zhejiang Oulida Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Oulida Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Oulida Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Fuyang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The company was established in 1993 and specializes in the development and production of gas springs. QC13 6mm Diameter Piston Rod Ordinary Gas Spring Suppliers and Factory. In 2012, we invested 72 million yuan to build a new forest chemical factory covering an area of 25,000 square meters. We have introduced advanced automated production lines, with a single-shift capacity of 20,000 units and an annual capacity of up to 6 million units, making us one of the largest factories in the industry domestically and internationally.
Currently, our gas springs are widely used in engine hoods, doors, and other support systems in various applications, including automotive, construction machinery, and textile industries, both domestically and internationally. Wholesale QC13 6mm Diameter Piston Rod Ordinary Gas Spring. In 2017, we established a cooperative management system called DMC (Design-Manufacture-Cooperate) in collaboration with DEFTA from France and MICHANG from South Korea. This collaboration focuses on design, development, and production, leveraging the expertise and management technology of DEFTA and MICHANG in supporting European, Japanese, and American systems, enhancing Oulida's capabilities in various aspects.
In July 2021, our company drafted and officially released the industry standard QC/T 207 "General Gas Springs for Automobiles."
Product Knowledge
A gas spring is a device that stores energy through compressed gas, usually consisting of a sealed container and a piston rod. The diameter of the piston rod can affect the performance and characteristics of the gas spring. The diameter of the piston rod is usually directly related to the load-bearing capacity of the gas spring. Larger diameter piston rods are generally able to withstand greater pressure and therefore can support greater loads.
 A larger diameter piston rod may provide better stability and side load resistance. This may be important for certain applications, such as automotive suspension systems or industrial machinery. The diameter of the piston rod may also affect the speed and response time of the gas spring. A larger diameter piston rod generally provides faster response, but may also add some damping effect.
In some applications, space may be an important consideration. A smaller diameter piston rod may be better suited for limited space situations, while a larger diameter piston rod may require more installation space. Manufacturing larger diameter piston rods typically requires more materials and processes, which can impact the cost of the gas spring. When designing a gas spring, there is a trade-off between cost and performance. When selecting a gas spring, the most appropriate piston rod diameter needs to be determined based on the requirements of the specific application. Manufacturers often provide information about the performance and specifications of their products, which can help you select the right gas spring for your specific application.
The smaller diameter of a conventional gas spring with a 6 mm diameter piston rod means a lighter weight design. This is advantageous when gas springs need to be used in weight-sensitive applications, such as in the automotive industry, aerospace, etc. Due to its smaller diameter, this gas spring is suitable for applications where space is limited. This allows them to be installed in tight spaces that require cushioning or support, such as certain machinery or furniture.
6mm Diameter Piston Rod Ordinary Gas Spring flexible in certain applications, such as those where smaller size cushioning or support is required. Lower manufacturing costs. Helps reduce the overall cost of gas springs and make them more competitive. Small diameter piston rods generally provide faster response than larger diameter piston rods. This may be important in certain applications where quick cushioning or support is required. 6mm Diameter Piston Rod Due to the smaller diameter, smaller piston rods may be easier to fine-tune to meet the requirements of a specific application.