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Electric Tailgate Balance With Friction Gas Spring

Electric Tailgate Balance With Friction Gas Spring

The gas spring can output negative and positive force values F1 force value -400N~800N.
Piston rod φ8mm / steel pipe φ18mm
Power tailgate balancing belt friction gas spring is a technology applied in automotive power tailgate systems. This technology combines gas springs and friction elements for more precise tailgate control and balancing. A more comfortable user experience is provided, as the movement of the tailgate becomes smoother and more controllable. In addition, it increases the safety of the tailgate system, because the friction element prevents the tailgate from closing suddenly due to external factors such as wind, reducing the possibility of accidents.
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Zhejiang Oulida Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Fuyang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The company was established in 1993 and specializes in the development and production of gas springs. Electric Tailgate Balance With Friction Gas Spring Suppliers and Factory. In 2012, we invested 72 million yuan to build a new forest chemical factory covering an area of 25,000 square meters. We have introduced advanced automated production lines, with a single-shift capacity of 20,000 units and an annual capacity of up to 6 million units, making us one of the largest factories in the industry domestically and internationally.
Currently, our gas springs are widely used in engine hoods, doors, and other support systems in various applications, including automotive, construction machinery, and textile industries, both domestically and internationally. Wholesale Electric Tailgate Balance With Friction Gas Spring. In 2017, we established a cooperative management system called DMC (Design-Manufacture-Cooperate) in collaboration with DEFTA from France and MICHANG from South Korea. This collaboration focuses on design, development, and production, leveraging the expertise and management technology of DEFTA and MICHANG in supporting European, Japanese, and American systems, enhancing Oulida's capabilities in various aspects.
In July 2021, our company drafted and officially released the industry standard QC/T 207 "General Gas Springs for Automobiles."
Product Knowledge
The purpose and advantages of the electric tailgate balance friction gas spring are mainly reflected in the opening and closing process of the car trunk (tailgate). This design is common in the tailgate systems of some modern cars. Car tailgates are usually relatively heavy, especially for SUVs, sedans and other types of vehicles. The friction gas spring system can help balance the weight of the tailgate, making it easier for users to open or close the tailgate.
Due to the better balance of the tailgate, users will be more relaxed when using the electric tailgate and do not need to use too much force to close the tailgate. This can improve the convenience of use, especially for scenes that require frequent use of the trunk, such as shopping, carrying items, etc. The friction gas spring system can improve the controllability of the tailgate, making the tailgate more stable during the opening and closing process and reducing the occurrence of accidents. This is especially important for vehicles with children or elderly people riding in them, as it can reduce the risk of accidental injury.
Through the friction gas spring balance system, the impact and vibration experienced by the tailgate when opening and closing can be reduced, thereby extending the service life of the tailgate and related parts and reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement. The design of the electric tailgate's balanced friction gas spring makes the use of the car's tailgate more convenient and safer, and helps extend the service life of the tailgate, improving the comfort and practicality of the entire vehicle.
The electric tailgate balance friction gas spring is a device commonly found in automobile tailgate systems. It achieves tailgate balance and control by controlling the movement of the piston rod and steel pipe. The force value range that the gas spring can output is -400N to 800N. This means that the gas spring can provide force from negative (compression state) to positive (tension state), with the force ranging from 400N to 800N.
The diameter (φ) of the piston rod is 8mm, while the diameter of the steel tube is 18mm. These dimensional information are important parameters to be considered when designing gas springs, and they are closely related to the structure and performance of the gas spring. Designers can choose the appropriate gas spring based on the weight, shape and usage scenarios of the car's tailgate. By adjusting the compression and tension of the gas spring, the balance and control of the tailgate can be achieved, making the tailgate operation easier and smoother when opening and closing.